Modern Home-From-Home or Rural Escape? Choosing a Holiday Park

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Modern Home-From-Home or Rural Escape? Choosing a Holiday Park

15 June 2017
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Whether you use a static or mobile caravan, the choice of a holiday park is one of the most important factors in how much you enjoy your breaks away from the routine. With a static or a caravan that's kept at the park long-term, it's even more important to think carefully about your decision.

A lot of the different factors can either be positive or negative, depending on what sort of holidays you prefer, so make sure you take that into account when you're considering your options. Here are some pointers to help you come to an informed decision:


This is one of the first things most people think about, and you probably already have a few ideas. To help you narrow it down, it helps to think about how many possibilities there are in the area. You might like the idea of spending long days lying on the beach, but if you're visiting regularly, you may find yourself wishing there were other things to do. A park on the coast, but also near other types of interesting landscapes are a good choice, offering plenty of variety and giving you the chance to get out exploring.


Some parks come with all the mod cons – electricity, water, showers and toilets, and even on-site entertainment. You might also find things like cafes, restaurants and shops in the park. For some people, this is ideal, and having all the necessities available is the sort of luxury they want. But other people long for a more basic escape, getting away from the modern world and enjoying something more simple and relaxing. If you're the latter, too much in the way of modernity can be distracting, so is best avoided.

Nearby towns

At some point, there's a chance you'll want to do some shopping or explore the local urban centre. Depending on what you're interested in, you should look into what's nearby. If you'd like to spend long days shopping, bigger towns or cities are sometimes surprisingly near to more rural holiday parks. Perhaps you prefer culture, museums, and learning about the past, in which case you should look for somewhere with a bit more history on the doorstep.


No matter how much you love your choice of holiday park, if it's a long distance from home then you're just not going to visit as often as you'd like to, despite your best intentions. Choose somewhere that's reasonably easy to get to and you'll make the most of it.