Six Tips for Choosing and Installing Hard Flooring for Your Camper

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Six Tips for Choosing and Installing Hard Flooring for Your Camper

21 June 2017
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If you want to put new flooring in your camper, there are several points you may want to consider as you make your selection. Here's what you need to know.

1. Consider Hard Flooring

Many campers are carpeted, but hard floor campers are becoming more popular for a reason. Hard flooring looks more stylish than carpet in many cases, and it's also easier to clean. If you want something softer underfoot, you may want to scatter some rugs around the floor.

2. Choose Lightweight Flooring

Every furnishing and accent you add to your camper adds weight that you have to pull anytime you want to go camping. To keep your weight low, consider lightweight flooring. In particular, you may want to consider vinyl flooring. That usually comes in thin sheets, which are a lot lighter than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring.

3. Look at the Temperature Range of Peel-and-Stick Vinyl

A lot of vinyl flooring comes in a peel-and-stick format. You peel off the backing and then stick the vinyl to the floor of your camper. Make sure to check the optimal temperature range for the vinyl before installing it.

Some vinyl flooring may buckle in very cold or excessively hot temperatures. For that reason, you may want to park in the shade in the summer or add a heating system when camping in the winter.

4. Opt for Durability

When reviewing different types of vinyl flooring for your camper, look for a durable product. If you camp a lot, your camper's floor gets exposed to a lot of foot traffic, and in many cases, that may involve muddy shoes from hiking or wet feet from camping.

5. Have Fun With the Colours

If you want to add a fun effect to your camper, you may want to choose bright, intriguing colours. If you want to make the camper look larger and more spacious, you may want to opt for a light colour. For something more stylish, consider grey vinyl flooring with white cabinets. That is a fun colour scheme, especially if you are redoing an older camper.

6. Lay Vinyl Planks Lengthwise

If you decide to go with square vinyl tiles, you don't need to worry about this step. However, if you decide to lay vinyl planks, you should start in the longest areas of the camper first. Visually, that looks the best as it creates a long, sweeping look through your camper.