Level Out Your Next Holiday With These Convenient Camper Trailer Accessories

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Level Out Your Next Holiday With These Convenient Camper Trailer Accessories

25 June 2017
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The right camper trailer accessories can make your next holiday easier. One of the most essential but oft-underlooked accessories is easy-to-use leveling devices. If your camper trailer is not level, appliances may not work and you may not feel comfortable.

The traditional leveling method is to pop some pieces of wood under the camper, but there are much more convenient options than that.

1. Polypropylene Leveling Blocks

These blocks work on the same premise as pieces of wood. However, because they are made of polypropylene, they are resistant to rot and decay, and they tend to last longer. For the best results, look for thin blocks that can snap together like Lego bricks.

The thinness allows you to customise the height you need, and the snap-together construction holds the block in place whilst you drive the caravan onto it.

2. Block Pads

Whether you opt for polypropylene or just plain old wood blocks, consider investing in a few mats. You place the mat on the ground underneath the block. It protects the block from the moisture of the ground, and it also spreads out some of the weight from the caravan, making the block less likely to sink into the ground.

You can use old car floor mats for this purpose. Alternatively, buy mats specially made for use under leveling blocks. Pads made from old tyres are especially sturdy.

3. Stabilising Jacks

With stabilising jacks, you have two main options. You can buy jacks that you set up once you reach your campsite. You crawl under the camper trailer, find the jack point, position the jack and crank it up as needed.

Alternatively, you can get jacks pre-installed on your caravan or added to its frame after manufacture. These jacks are already in place. When you reach your destination, you use a crank on the side of the caravan to engage the jack as needed.

Generally, these jacks attach to small liquid levels on the side of the caravan. You use these built-in levels to guide you as you adjust the jacks.

4. Levelers and Chocks

If you find blocks cumbersome and you want extra leveling support for your stabilising jacks, you may want to consider levelers with chocks. The levelers are basically ramped shaped pieces of sturdy plastic. You position them behind the wheels on the side where your camper trailer is too low. Then, you back the trailer up so the wheels go on the levelers. Finally, you place the chock in on the other side of the leveler to hold it in place.